Marcus fliegt seit 2017 für die umwerk systems. Seit seiner Zeit als armer Mathestudent verdient er seine Brötchen als Linux-Administrator. Nach dem Studium ist er praktischerweise einfach dabeigeblieben. Wie schön für uns! Seine Spezialgebiete sind AWS, Infrastructure as Code, Kubernetes und überhaupt alles, was sich irgendwie automatisieren lässt.

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CI, CD and DevOps is here to stay, and for good reason – it’s awesome! Gone are the times where developers yearned for a streamlined process to launch projects into the wild. This is a story of the trials and tribulations from a time way ago. Take a look for yourself!

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Long before anyone else, Google deployed containers for productive workloads at a large scale. To this day, many Google services such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps and the Google App Engine, to name but a few, all run within containers. Back then, Google didn’t have a suitable system for maintaining large clusters of containers. This called for some ingenuity. From the Google oven came Kubernetes, and with it, a whole host of improvements.

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