Stefan ist schon ganz früh im Leben in den Computertopf gefallen. Nämlich 1984. Er schätzt pragmatische, leane Lösungen, die echte Mehrwerte schaffen. Als Supporter der Herzen wollte und will er seine Kunden von immer besserer Hightech profitieren lassen. Denn sie ist ein Motor für unternehmerische Wettbewerbsfähigkeit. Seine Formel für eine bessere Welt lautet also: Nette Menschen + Support-Mentalität + Knowhow + Hightech + Cloud = umwerk systems

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CI, CD and DevOps is here to stay, and for good reason – it’s awesome! Gone are the times where developers yearned for a streamlined process to launch projects into the wild. This is a story of the trials and tribulations from a time way ago. Take a look for yourself!

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Long before anyone else, Google deployed containers for productive workloads at a large scale. To this day, many Google services such as Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps and the Google App Engine, to name but a few, all run within containers. Back then, Google didn’t have a suitable system for maintaining large clusters of containers. This called for some ingenuity. From the Google oven came Kubernetes, and with it, a whole host of improvements.

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The Corona crisis has inevitably uncovered holes in the infrastructure of our digital ecosystem. The solution for top performance, is IT infrastructures that can withstand waves of varying numbers of users.

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COVID-19 poses extreme challenges for companies that are not yet digitally optimized. Our team of IT professionals love a challenge, and keeping a cool head, despite the current drama, is something we do well. We’re able to provide companies with VPN infrastructures, allowing your employees to work seamlessly, whether they’re in the office or at home.

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Docker's the talk of the town. This modern framework works on the basis of virtual containers. With Docker, our customers only pay for the resources they actually use, reducing their time-to-market and time-to-value and streamlining their portfolio.

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