Marcus has flown the umwerk systems flag since 2017. From humble beginnings as a maths student, he’s come to earn his first ducats as a Linux administrator. Deciding to stay with the topic after his studies, he now excels at AWS, Infrastructure as Code, Kubernetes and anything that can be automated, short of the coffee machine.

Dreaming of lemons and olives.

The fact that our Marcus has become a sought-after expert in the automation of digital infrastructures is due to his decidedly practical mind, and touch of aestheticism. For him, computers are mere instruments and not much more. Instruments to create functionality, to tame complexity and increase performance through automation.

Focus, focus, focus!

With an emphasis on automation, he creates precious time for the good things in life.

Reinvesting this precious time, bought from efficiency and forward thinking, Marcus likes to: Go hiking. Biking. Plan for his cottage in Chianti, including its harvest of lemons and olives and let’s not forget, a nice glass of Pinot Grigio.

Credits: Michael Seemeier

Is this Zen-like living? We don’t know for sure. But what we do know, is that his approach to work saves our customers time, money and trouble! A true conductor to his orchestration.

Credits: Michael Seemeier

Marcus‘ lifehack: Saving time with code.

On the AMD Athlon Thunderbird 800, the Mini-Marcus was already playing Doom and Quake before the turn of the millennium. Since the early 2000’s, he’s been hacking his way to automation ascension using his keyboard and nerd uniform of choice; his black hoodie, typical of Marcus. It’s around this time where he realized he could make more time for gaming, if he sat back and let the computers do all the work for him.

The Mini-Marcus understood early that, the less you do yourself, the better. Or, to put it another way, if the concept fits, then the rest will fit as well.

Linux. The principle of time compression.

Being a maths student, Marcus drove his principle of “time compression” to perfection, during which, he got to know and appreciate Linux. Understanding how Linux could be adapted to his own needs, he saw the limitless possibilities that it had to offer.

Though computers, processing the 1s and 0s that they do, Marcus was pleased to discover that he could use them to automate tasks. He could create support systems that suddenly made his life much, much easier. Using Linux, Marcus readied himself for his diploma, after which he threw his first blocks of code around, testing the waters of what was possible.

Doomsday: Pay back the German BAFöG sponsorship!

Alas, the day came that the German BAFöG university sponsorship had to be paid back. Marcus needed money.

At that time, his brother had a web agency and it was there that Marcus set up the first servers for customers and foxed his way into a subject area that at that time, still meant 100% manual work.

His principle of “if the computer does it by itself, you don’t have to” was his inspiration to automate services running on servers. It was in doing this, that he concluded infrastructures were inherently more efficient as a result.

How Marcus joined UWS

Marcus then moved to Innsbruck and subsequently in 2016, while setting off for a job interview in Nuremberg, decided to Google “Linux Rosenheim” while changing trains at Rosenheim. What he came to find was, umwerk systems.

“From my point of view, what spoke and speaks loudest about umwerk systems are the freedoms that have been granted to me here. I can work with what I want. I also think the home office solution is great, and of course Stefan’s Bavarian wittiness! ;)”

Marcus Weinhold

Shortly afterwards, during an interview in which Marcus was highly sympathetic from the start (and bettered by an excellently accompanied Pinot Grigio!), was that he came to be part of the umwerk systems family. Since then Marcus has enriched our processes, making things lean, efficient and cost-saving for our customers, and for us too!

Since 2019 he lives in Berlin. His dream of working remotely in Chianti, under dangling lemons and olive trees depends on whether he prefers the urban beat or rural silence.