Every website relaunch is a change process

We’ve launched our new website!

Since February 2020, our appearance is once again up-to-date. We’ve slimmed down, optimized and included improvements to the structure of our content. We believe this should improve the communication of our new and future developments. Everything DSGVO-compliant, of course!

Lean structure, new aims

Our new and improved one pager aims to be user friendly from top-to-bottom, bringing umwerk systems to a new level. If you as a customer, applicant or alien, have some questions or would simply like to contact a human, head on over to our DSGVO-compliant contact form and we’ll be in touch.

We carry out DSGVO-compliant user tracking on the entire website, this includes anonymising IP addresses, not passing on data to third parties, respecting “Do Not Track” requests and deleting log files after seven days.

In terms of content, we’ve reworked our portfolio of solutions, better explaining our involvement in various processes. In recent years, our team has moved further and further away from the role of classic system admin, and closer to being enterprise administrators.

Automation, automation, automation!

Kubernetes & Docker, SLAs, DevOps, Managed Services, Cloud-Management, Infrastructure as Code and of course comprehensive consulting – everything you need to get started, cleanly presented on our new website. Not only are our #HighTechie topics more specialized, but we also aim to approach topics from different angles, by authors from different backgrounds.

Blogging – we do that too!

Authors? Exactly. The heart of the new site is our blog. From now on, we want to routinely create and recommend new topics for our audience. You’ll find a variety of different categories, with content ranging from professional articles, the umwerk systems universe and the latest gossip.


Optimisations can always hurt a little, that’s life. That’s how it was with this relaunch. Now we‘ve reached our goal and are proud of our team performance as well as the result. Every change and improvement has been maticulously thought out, with the relaunch being the fruits of our labor and the result of a cummulative effort. We hope you, our audience, enjoys it as much as we do!

A big shoutout to the relaunch team:

  • Margarete (concepts, texts and contents)
  • Jesse (technical implementation)
  • Michael Seemeier (photos)